The Thailand Traveler

Traveling to Thailand is an exciting adventure for the single guy going there the first time. It’s an experience you will never forget, especially if you come from the west. I remember my first time going to Thailand from the States, it was overwhelming but exciting too.

After the long journey all the way to Japan then finally Bangkok, when i stepped off the plane and into the airport I already felt a strange but welcoming vibe.

When I waited for my taxi I already wondered what my 2nd encounter with a Thai would be like. I don’t really count the first because it was an immigration officer and he didn’t say a word. So my taxi pulls up and he was very pleasant with big smile. He didn’t speak too much English but fully understood where I wanted to go. Of course it helped that I had the name and location of the Hotel with me on a piece of paper I printed.

The drive to the hotel from the airport to the hotel too about 45 minutes and mostly due to a lot of traffic. Bangkok is terrible for traffic but i got a taste of it that is for sure.

Checking into my hotel was a breeze. After I checked in I took a shower and got my second wind and decided to head out. I walked down the street and came across “Nana Plaza.” This place looked insane. I walked through it and felt I was in heaven. It was full of bar girls, gogo’s and hey, even ladyboys. I have to admit the ladyboys looked hot and I was tempted to “try one out.” That might be a later story.

So I hope you liked this early introduction, much more is to come.